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Language Articulation Course

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Training Overview

Your trainer

Gerard Cannon is the leading Microsoft Excel trainer in the UAE with over 20 years of in class teaching experience, he has been rated as an outstanding teacher by the KHDA during different school inspections. He has a first class degree in Education and has taught in some of the worlds best schools.  

Why you should consider our langauge articulation course?

Gerard Cannon (Presenter)

Fear of public speaking is very common for the majority of people all over the world. The ability to speak in public is vital for professionals of all backgrounds and in all positions. Often times the dread of the possibility of having to speak in public will result in a person not going for a promotion which they richly deserve. In our course we discuss and demonstrate the art of public speaking and we take you through the steps involved in ensuring that you are ready for any public speaking event. The aim of the course is to get you comfortable and confident in any oratory situation.

Lanuguage Articulation Course

Microsoft Excel course, Microsoft VBA course, Visual Basic for Applications course

During the course, you will participate in various role-playing activities and complete exercises which will help you to improve your overall communication skills while developing a clearer understanding of why the most articulate people land the most sought after roles in business.


In this course you will learn all about:

  • The appropriate use of language articulation, volume and speed

  • The importance of knowing when to listen carefully 

  • The importance of knowing how to respond appropriately

  • The importance of your own body language and also the que's which we can take from others

  • The difference between formal and informal language

  • How to use non verbal communication

  • Effective ways to take part in discussions

Onsite or offsite training

Onsite training allows you to train your employees at a place and time of your choice or alternatively come an have a day out offsite by bringing your laptop to our elite and picturesque training facility to enjoy some refreshments while taking your knowledge to the next level. 

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