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Designed and refined to improve the teaching experience

We offer a comprehensive software solution designed to meet the diverse needs of schools. Our streamlined software is tailored to improve administrative processes, enhance communication, and provide valuable insights to support informed decision-making by teachers and heads of departments. We have designed this software to eliminate time inefficiencies and unnecessary work within a school. We prioritize reducing the work load on teachers and heads of department. We want our teachers to be able to effortlessly manage student data so that they can spend more time in front of the desk teaching rather than behind the desk doing administrative tasks.


Let us allow our teachers to once again focus on teaching and help get outstanding grades for our students.  



Just some of the key features

This program is very simple to set up, it collects the latest school data from the HOD program and shows the most up to date student information to our teachers.

This program allows you to :

  1. effectively eradicate classroom behavior problems using the inbuilt student daily report and Incident reporting systems.

  2. it automates summative / attainment report writing in up to 2 spoken languages

  3. it allows for time efficient classroom reporting of all issues to key personal allowing for quicker intervention strategies

  4. it automates summative / attainment grade analysis

  5. it offers a simple teacher friendly time saving solution to formative report writing (verbal feedback)

  6. it allows for effective target settings on such things as homework, effort, punctuality, etc with rewards for such built into the school house system which enables house points to be generated within the classroom

  7. send hall pass reports to hall duty staff in order to notify them who is coming onto the corridor and why

  8. it allows you to request classroom assistance.

  9. Other inbuilt systems include :  a diary alert system, a lesson planning system, a school protocol system, an SEN system, a Hall pass system, an Incident / Information report system

This program automatically send all reports via Microsoft Outlook and also saves them to a designated folder on the server. A new folder is automatically created for each instance of a new day and for every student being reported on. All files names describe the contents of each file. All file management is concisely taken care of.

Head of department

Just some of the key features

The HOD program allows heads of department to effortlessly set up class lists and email them to their department members. It allows heads of department to analyze teacher and class performance by importing their data and comparing them to local and international standards. It offers instant KHDA indicator judgements based on the imported classroom data.


Operations Manager

Just some of the key features

This operations Manager program distributes the latest school data to the HOD program and it includes the following functionality :

  1. it creates the student and teacher timetables

  2. it sets up school timings

  3. it sets up the school teacher duty roster system

  4. it sets up the hall control systems 

  5. it allows for the fair allocation of daily cover to teachers by closely monitoring the overall cover allocation usage 

  6. it searches and prints off timetables for teachers, departments, students & classes

  7. It sends commands to the teacher program to automate the exporting of teacher summative and classroom reports.


Just some of the key features

This program creates a database for both the teachers and the students. This program distributes the latest school data to the Operations Manager program. This program allows for multi user access with associated permission rights. 

Admin - Copy.png

Teacher allocation

Key features

Simplify the process of adding a new teacher to your department. This program communicates with operation managers to allow simple and effective timetabling of new teachers in the school. 

Student reports

Key features

Instantly view all available reports for any student in one place. Student reports available include :

  1. Attendance reports

  2. Summative / Attainment reports

  3. Incident / Information reports

  4. Classroom reports

  5. Daily reports

  6. Hall pass reports

silent study.png

Silent study

Key features

Easily remove disruptive students from your classroom without fuss and send them to Silent Study where they will be supervised for the remainder of your lesson. The staff member on duty will verify their identity on arrival, check them in, add any additional information and notify you of their presence. Daily completed silent study report logs are then exported to a designated folder. 


Key features

A simple notification system to alert morning registration teachers that a student has arrived late. this system also send a notification to a current classroom teacher when a student leaves school early during the day.

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