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Training Overview

Your trainer

Gerard Cannon is the leading Microsoft Excel trainer in the UAE with over 20 years of in class teaching experience, he has been rated as an outstanding teacher by the KHDA during different school inspections. He has a first class degree in Education and has taught in some of the worlds best schools. His knowledge of Excel allows him to develop software from within Microsoft Excel environment and can tailor any aspect of the course in order to suit its participants. 

Why you should consider Microsoft Excel training?

Gerard Cannon (Presenter)

Whether a new or experienced user, Microsoft Excel is constantly upgrading and changing. The newest formulas from the latest versions offer abilities that take the experience to a whole new level. Microsoft excel is an outstanding piece of software when used correctly. You need to ensure you have the right knowledge in order to to use Excel in the way you actually intend as unfortunately Excel does not know your intentions and will only interpret and return a value for what you enter into the cells. Research has found that up to 90 percent of all spreadsheets have errors that affect their results and this cost companies millions every year.  

Microsoft Excel - Level 1, 2 & 3 courses

Microsoft Excel course, Microsoft VBA course, Visual Basic for Applications course

Our Microsoft Excel courses are divided into three different levels, with the higher level courses building knowledge on top of the lower level courses.


The Level 1 course is designed for new users and for people who need a refresher in Microsoft excel.

The Level 2 course is designed for graduating users of the level 1 course and for people who have some experience working with excel but want to upskill their knowledge to become intermediate level users.

The level 3 course is designed for graduating users of the level 2 course and for users who already have a lot of experience with excel but want to ensure they are using the more complex functions in the correct manner. The Level 3 course will have a big emphasis on the most advanced skills within Microsoft excel, namely Visual Basic for Applications. We will be focusing on VBA coding, structure and developing small applications.

topics covered in the level 1 course

Excel interface

Getting help

Opening & closing worksheets

Saving & updating

Zoom controls

Excel templates

Entering and editing data

Formatting text

Wrapping text

Using format painter

Selecting, copying & moving data

Flash fill

Merging cells

Presenting your data

Text functions

Formulas & Functions 


COUNT, COUNTA functions

Relative, absolute and mixed referencing

Auto outline

Working with large worksheets

Freeze panes

Hiding & displaying data

Row height & column width

Inserting & deleting rows & columns

Formatting rows & columns

Preparing to print

Printing large worksheets

Microsoft Excel - Level 1 course (1 day)

Microsoft Excel - Level 2 course (1 day)

topics covered in the level 2 course

Microsoft Excel - Level 3 course (1 day)

topics covered in the level 3 course

Customize the ribbon


Using cells on another worksheet

Data validation

Defining names

Protecting cells & sheets

Conditional formatting

Cell referencing refresher

If statement

Or statement

AND statement




Handling errors

Industries looking for certified Microsoft Excel instruction

  • Educational Institutions

  • Information Technology and Services

  • Financial Services and Banking

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Manufacturing and Production Industries

  • Business Consultancy Firms

  • Retail and E-commerce Businesses

  • Health Care Services

  • Human Resources and Recruitment Agencies

  • Data Analytics Companies

Onsite or offsite training

Onsite training allows you to train your employees at a place and time of your choice or alternatively come an have a day out offsite by bringing your laptop to our elite and picturesque training facility to enjoy some refreshments while taking your knowledge to the next level. 

Extracting information from within cells

Pivot tables

Using cells on another workbook

Working smarter not harder

Developer tab

Icon sets

Visual basic for applications VBA


User forms


VBA overview

VBA code structure

VBA coding

Creating small applications

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