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Tuition terms of service

 Cancellation and rescheduling of lessons:


  • The student can reschedule a lesson for a full 1 hour lesson provided that the rescheduling time is not less than 24 hours before the original lesson start time.

  • If the rescheduling notice is given between 12 and 24 hours before the original start time then the rescheduled lesson will only be for 30 mins.

  • The lesson booking is confirmed for original time and cannot be changed if the time is less than 12 hours before the original lesson start time.

  • Non attendance or partial attendance at a lesson is counted as a fulfilled lesson. 

  • Any originally scheduled lesson can only be rescheduled once. 

  • All rescheduled lessons must be completed 1 week from the date of the original lesson or they will be lost. 

  • In a case where a student reschedules the student needs to agree a time based on the teachers availability, if the student cannot agree a time within the 1 week time frame then the student loses that session.

  • If a teacher needs to reschedule a lesson it will be scheduled 1 week form the original lesson provided that there are no mitigating factors which prevent the teacher from doing so. In such a case a replacement teacher will be put in place until the original teacher is able to return to the lessons. 

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of our terms and conditions, this list is intended to provide you with the most frequently requested terms and conditions by our students. Please feel free to contact us for the complete list of our terms and conditions.


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